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Kendra Wilkinson Porn Video
Kendra Wilkinson, is an American celebrity and glamour model. She is well known for her role on the show The Girls Next Door. Her own reality series, Kendra, debuted in June 2009.

In 2010, a porn video recording of Kendra Wilkinson getting fucked by some guy surfaced. The recording was acquired by Vivid Entertainment, and will be distributed as "Kendra Exposed".

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Sex Story

I was worried, my wife Carol had told me after her lesbian encounter with the two bi girls she may never go back to heterosexual lovemaking. But I needn’t have, by the next morning she’d got all her other urges back. She told me she only wanted sex with females occasionally as it gave her more sexual scope.

She said she was still in love with me as much as she was before we’d received our disconcerting news. In particular she knew we both wanted children, but she wouldn’t go ahead with her own search for pregnancy unless I could be included.

We went to bed intending to make soft tender love as we did before my accident and our world had turned upside down by the news that we couldn’t have children together.

But though I wanted to so much I was unable to get hard enough to penetrate her. It was as if I’d got brewers droop but I hadn’t been drinking. Worse still my legs were not recovering as I would have liked, I could only just stand and walking was only just possible with the help of two sticks. What had happened was it just a physical relapse or was I becoming mentally incapable.

Why while I was wife watching did I seem to becoming even more potent than when I was fully fit! Had my voyeurism taken over as my main sexual outlet and was I being overpowered by my wife’s urges. Before I’d the masculine strength of being sexually in charge. I the male of the species should be the hunter surly and the woman the homemaker.

Now I wasn’t the one who would make Carols babies, another man would get that honour. When I watched her with other men I’d got hard and wanted them to impregnate her! But in the cold light of day I realized this was madness, the basic concept of a male is to be the one to impregnate his mate and so procreate and spread his own genes.

Yes we were trying to find a lady to let me impregnate her, that’s natural for a man to find as many sexual partners as possible especially if children were born that he didn’t have to support.

I remembered mates who had unprotected one-night stands and gave the girl a false name and address just in case she got pregnant. That was socially unacceptable in today’s society but so natural for basic male urges.

Now my wife had admitted sexual activity before our marriage, with old men at that. Then had told me all her hang-ups even bi sexuality none of these things had entered my mind until her revelations; I was the alpha male after all.

Before when I was ‘certain’ she wouldn’t stray I felt secure, now although she says she loves me, old men and even other women made me feel threatened. This was madness; my illusion of her non-awakened sexuality was always a myth. But I felt I should have known, should have sensed she wasn’t the innocent girl I’d believed in my testosterone-fuelled arrogance!

I’d no right to complain I’d even used our money problems to blackmail Carol into allowing men to take more and more liberties with her sexually! It was my fault she’d got rid of the inbuilt reluctance to stray from the monogamous norm expected by this society.

She was the now dominant one, I’d now had sex with the bi girls but I hadn’t been in charge in that encounter. Not that I was reluctant so much as they had sex with me rather than me having sex with them!

It hit me that I’d never been in charge of my wife’s sexuality either. If she didn’t want sex she was tired or had a headache and if she did but I was reluctant she only had to make the effort to dress sexily and act the vamp and I was there before she even made any physical contact.

What A fool I was, all that time I’d believed it was my own sexual magnetism that drew her into each sexual encounter, but how wrong I was, it was the opposite! She’d always been dominant; I prided myself on not being a wimp but was it all a delusion?

There was good that had come out of all this I supposed. Instead of putting each other on pedestals and not taking our sex play beyond how we ‘thought’ the other wanted it. Our real but hidden urges had all come out so we could try and arrange to incorporate them when it was feasible.

If we loved each other enough could we live the rest of our lives together or had that gone with the stunning revelations? We talked it over and decided to continue living as man and wife bringing up any children she had as if they’d been between us. After all any children would have some of my shared D.N.A. in anycase.

I phoned Jack and explained our thinking we both wanted children and I’d like to be there when impregnation took place so we could share it. Jack said “Your not asking much guys you’ve added this to wanting to include all your fetishes in one go!

Well I’ve got a few ideas and will come back to you if I can arrange something to check you agree.”

Jack came up with a mind-blowing proposal. He said, “I’ve a partner, a multi millionaire who’d not had any children and was desperate for an heir. The point is Mr. Allie wants to make a contract with you as a married couple to bring up his child.

The contract would say if the child was proved by its D.N.A to be his then his not inconsiderable fortune would be split between you pair and his child. He’s come to this decision because he’s been diagnosed as having cancer and has at the most only a year to live. He desperately wants to see a child of his own before he loses his fight for life.”

Carol asked, “Well I want a baby desperately and have this desire to be paid to be impregnated so that sounds ok to me. What do you think Ken?” I said, “Its what you want as long as the mans got no diseases and will let me be there, remember I’m Voyeur as well as your husband.

Can you tell us more about your partner please Jack?” Jack replied, “I certainly can he is black and eighty years old but until he became ill was very fit and virile. I’ve shared threesomes with him and I can tell you Carol his cock’s enormous.

However at his age it takes a lot to get him hard and able to perform sexually. He is also a lifelong voyeur and needs to watch others sexual performances to get him worked up. He’s requested that he has help prior to and during his impregnation attempt!”

“His age size and colour doesn’t put me off, they’re all my fetishes in anycase,” Carol said, “but what will he require as help?”

“I was coming to that Carol,” Jack said, “His bodyguard your brothers father in law would be the fluffer for him. He wants him to fuck you first Cheryl the man’s had a vasectomy so can’t knock you up. He’ll keep doing you until his boss is hard enough to take over; I believe you know he’s a sixty-year-old Blackman also with a massive penis.

However he wants even more stimulation and has requested a second couple should be trying for impregnation while he watches them and puts his seed in Carol.

I’ve a possible solution to that; you were both at your brothers wedding to his lovely black bride. Well its not surprising that your brother’s proved to have no active sperm. So I’ve suggested you Ken should make your sister in law pregnant at the same time as Carols impregnated.

They’ve agreed if you do, because the child would have the same genes but little chance of his problem being passed to the child. This would also mean both of your voyeur and Carol’s exhibitionist tendencies would be taken care of at the same time and you would be doing it together as you requested. Well what do you two think?”

“Its up to Ken,” Carol said, “I won’t do anything without your agreement husband and I might just be jealous watching you impregnating another woman!” I replied, “Well I really wanted a child by you Carol, but as that’s not possible this does seem a way out for us.”

“In that case I agree Jack,” Carol said, “though it all seems a bit clinical talking it through like this. We’d have to find a time when both us females are ovulating at the same time or at least fertile have you thought of that?” Yes Carol, “Jack answered, “ though you cycles aren’t the same your sister in law’s on the pill so if she continues taking them after one set finishes she can regulate her fertile time to synchronize with yours.

Jack said, “When you’re feeling horny Carol you’d let any man who brings you to orgasm impregnate you. That’s silly in reality, this way everybody can have full sexual health checks first.”

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I was pleased at the arrangements but worried about my own potency my, legs and penis weren’t fully recovered. Though my voyeurism watching my wife with other men had allowed me to recover considerable stiffness, could I perform when I was being watched by other better-endowed men myself?

I was apprehensive to say the least, it was easy to talk with bravado of wanting another man to cuckold your own wife when you’ve a hard on. But when it comes down to it in the cold light of reality, to plan ahead to book your wife to be impregnated, to cuckold you, was this right?

Jack arranged for us to go the island that Mr Allie owned, he lived in a mansion that Jack said we’d inherit if things went as planed. We were shown into the palatial house and Jack took us round.

There were a dozen bedrooms each with en suite bathrooms. One huge room had two queen-sized beds covered with black satin. Mirrors covered all the walls and the ceiling. Jack said this was where the impregnation would take place if Mr Allie approves of Carol as his brood mare.

No that wasn’t right she wasn’t a brood mare she was my wife. I said we should pull out but Carol wanted to know more. Jack took us to an adjoining space that covered three walls of the big bedroom area and we could see in through the two-way mirrors from all angles. The points not covered the one remaining side and the ceiling was covered by a series of closed circuit video cameras and projected on to large screens as well as being recorded. Comfortable chairs were in several strategic places where control panels allowed the cameras to be zoomed in or out.

“This is a bit upmarket from the hole you drilled Ken,” Jack said, “but its just the ultimate in voyeurism paraphernalia. Mr Allie invites any of our employees who get married to spend their honeymoons on the island and gives them this room as the honeymoon suite. They nearly all accept and are blissfully unaware that he’s watching every move and videoing them having sex.

Today Mr Allie wishes to examine Carol to see if she’s sexually acceptable to him to be the one who bore his child. Then if you both agree we’ll arrange tests for any venereal diseases and each man will be checked for sperm potency!

This seemed too clinical to me I was rapidly going off the whole Idea but Carol was fascinated by it all. As she said this situation would cover so many of her kinky obsessions at once. We’d also be paid millions to take part in her ultimate prostitution as she put it.

Carol was completely naked on one of the big black satin beds and Mr. Allie arrived pushed in his wheel chair by the massive black bodyguard. Jack and I watched from the comfort of the viewing room. It seemed so unreal, could I get hard in front of another man, especially my own father?

By myself in the gym it had been so erotic my imagination ran riot so it was no trouble. But as I knew all the other men’s penises were several inches longer than mine I had this feeling of inferiority.

Jack had already got his long hard prick out and was rubbing it slowly in anticipation. I’d felt no stirrings at all, in fact my cock felt as small as it did after a cold outdoor swim, shrivelled to almost non existent size.

This Eighty year old was very black bald and almost toothless not a pretty sight. But Carol had this fetish about old men and I could see her licking her lips in anticipation. Now the huge sixty year old picked his employer up carried him to the bed and removed his robe. This geriatric looked like a black concentration victim he was so thin and skeletal.

It was obvious the cancer was eating the poor guy away I’d have felt sorry for the old guy except for one thing. His penis lay across his legs and even flaccid reached almost to his knees. It must have been ten inches long soft, what length would it be hard!

By now Mr. Allie was feeling Carol all over with his bony hands. He’d thrust two fingers in her vagina and was mauling her tits. Jack zoomed in on Carol’s pussy that was soaking wet as she stared fascinated at the long fat member between his legs. She lent towards it licking her lips in anticipation and gave the bulbous head a soft kiss as she hefted his balls in their saggy sack.

The old man smiled but his cock stayed soft and he asked his bodyguard for help.

The sixty year old stripped naked and positioned his thirteen-inch, hard cock at my wife’s lips. She grabbed it with both hands and sucked its black purple head she worked like a wild thing mouth and both hands a blur of speed.

Mr Allie said to stop and his bodyguard laid him on his back and Carol got into the sixty-nine position on top of him. She lowered her streaming open shaved cunt onto the bony black eighty year olds mouth. His old tongue lapped at her labia and clit as she shuddered in orgasm shooting her cum into the octogenarian’s mouth.

Now Carol took the old mans penis into her mouth, it was still flaccid but far bigger than my puny five inch hard on. Mr Allie gave another order and the bodyguard got on the bed behind my wife. The octogenarian reached for his servants’ hard ebony rod and placed it at my wife’s pussy entrance.

I was terrified the thirteen inch weapon would split her in two, surly this massive rod almost as round as a coke can wouldn’t go in her without doing permanent damage to my wife’s vagina!

The sixty year old eased the bulbous tip into her in the doggie position, I could see a frightened look on her face, shouldn’t I rush in and save her being split apart? But it was too late the huge weapon slammed into her all thirteen inches in one thrust. Carols eyes were filled with tears of pain she gave out a sigh then said Oh, God shag me hard with your massive cock you gorgeous old black fucker.

The man did just that, drawing it out and trusting back into her at lightning speed, Carols lips were curling with lust by now as the very old guy licked her clitoris at the same time!

Mr Allie was getting harder watching this and my own cock was semi erect by now. Noticing the old mans penis was hardening Carol got hold of it and licked its full length, now at least fourteen inches.

She worshiped the big cock gently suckling the head of the old guys monster. Soon she had both hands on his shaft and was double wanking him as she bobbed her mouth up and down on its purple head.

My wife released the older guys cock from her mouth for a moment. Then screamed to the massive man impaling her continuously orgasming cunt. “Fuck me, cum in me, impregnate me, give me your black baby, cuckold that tiny cocked husband of mine!” Soon she got to work again sucking on the even older black snake as the sixty year old gave her pussy no mercy.

The big black man ramming his cock in her from the doggie position roared a cry of triumph and shot load after load into my wife’s shaking vagina. This triggered the old fellow who came with unbelievable ferocity for an octogenarian.

Streams of spunk shot from his ebony cock into my wife mouth. All three grunted as two lots of ejaculation’s shot into Carol’s body. She looked like she was on a long black cock spit, the way she was thrashing in orgasmic bliss made me wonder if my small cock would ever be able to satisfy her again.

I felt both humiliated and turned on at the same time Jack had shot his load over the wall. I did ejaculate but had turned away from him with the shame of having the smallest prick around.

Eventually I went to see if my wife was ok, she pulled me to her and kissed me, dropping sperm into my mouth. She said see I’ve saved it all for you husband; now there’s a cream pie for you as well. I sucked greedily on her hole as she opened her vagina and let the old black mans spunk drip into my mouth.

It was so erotic as she took my five-inch cock put on a condom and pulled me into her gapping hole. I couldn’t even feel the walls as her tube was so distended from the massive black weapon it had just engulfed.

I had to look to see if I’d actually penetrated her and she smiled and closed her legs until I got enough friction. I came in her feeling elation from being the second man in a few minutes to do it. But the humiliation was hard to bear when I remembered I was only allowed to fuck my wife with a condom while he rode her bare back and she was screaming for him to give her his black baby!

We lay together heads between each other’s legs. She soon slept with the exhaustion of a woman that had just found her full potential as a randy female.

I couldn’t sleep however I was too worried; with my mouth still licking her cunt I still had misgivings. I was a pimp after all selling my wife’s pussy to an old black man so that he could impregnate her instead of me!

Was I really a willing cuckold and could I get hard and do my own impregnation task with so many superior shafts on display?